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OSHA Update - Live Training Webinars
If you are a pharmacist providing immunizations or CLIA-waived testing services, other health care professional assisting with these services, you must have live OSHA training on bloodborne pathogens every year. The Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation offers a webinar that meets all of OSHA's training requirements including the live component. Register today!
Mediciaid Opioid Limit
The Nebraska Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board recommended a limit of 150 units of short-acting opioids in a rolling 30 day period for Nebraska Medicaid recipients. Prescribers with patients who exceeded the recommended limit were sent a letter in May. Of these, 507 prescribers saw 84% of patients, or 1,445 unique patients, whose dosage of opioids exceeded 150 units in 30 days - an average of five doses a day. Prescribers were encouraged to taper opioid doses for those patients. Prescribers were notified in advance of the implementation of this limit to allow patients the time needed to taper the number of doses used in 30 days. In October, claims exceeding the 150 unit limit will reject at the pharmacy level. This and other issues have been highlighted in the quarterly newsletter of the DUR Program, DUR Matters.  Keep up with this and other matters related to Nebraska Medicaid by subscribing to the newsletter.

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