Education & Events

Throughout the year, the NPA offers continuing pharmacy education via live seminars, webinars, or home study lessons.  For more information about these programs, contact NPA Finance & Marketing Manager, Diane Webb, at 402-420-1500.

Continuing Education Programs & Events

In Case You Missed It!
  • PDMP, HIE, and SDoH, Oh My! – Improving Patient Care through Better Information 
    Dr. Kevin Borcher, Vice President of Pharmacy Informatics with CyncHealth, presents information on Nebraska's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program including the benefits, how to use it, and how pharmacists, pharmacist interns, and pharmacy technicians can register to reap the benefits of the system. He also provides an overview of the Health Information Exchange and Social Determinants of Health platforms and how pharmacists can utilize that information.
    May 29, 2022 - Recorded Meeting Link
  • NPA Legislative Day - Part 2 What Just Happened?
    Marcia Mueting, PharmD, RP, NPA Chief Executive Officer, shares information about where Nebraska legislative bills of interest in pharmacy are in the 2022 Legislative process and what you can do to get involved. Learn the current status of the legislative bills regulating PBMs, Copay Accumulators, Pharmacy Technicians Vaccinating, Controlled Substance Schedule updates, Abortion Prohibitions, and White Bagging.
    March 25, 2022 - Recorded Meeting Link