Trauma Informed ACPE Certificate

Are you a burned-out practitioner, entrepreneur, or healthcare leader? Do you want to unlock your full potential in the workforce?  

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Around 70% of Americans have reported experiencing some form of trauma. By the time they begin their postgraduate training, healthcare providers have already experienced tragedy, loss, neglect, or abuse. The social, emotional, and mental impact of this trauma can influence how these individuals feel, think, and behave in the workplace and are often worsened by the stress of demanding work conditions.

Join a supportive community of Trauma-Informed Warriors! Helen Sairany, PharmD, is a renowned trauma expert with first-hand experience with how trauma limits success and innovation in the workplace and is offering a Trauma-Informed Workforce Certificate Training Program. This comprehensive certificate training program is not just any program. It catalyzes personal transformation, enabling you to forge deeper connections with yourself, your work, and your team. At the end of a 12-week journey, you will not only feel re-energized and enthusiastic about your personal, professional, and spiritual journey but also experience substantial improvements in the quality of your health, relationships, work, and mindset, instilling a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

Participants can take the training either a la carte or in its entirety. Choose your option and register today.