NPA’s advocacy focuses on the issues that affect your practice, your pharmacy, and your profession:
  • Provides information on issues that impact your ability to support high-quality care within your full scope of practice to pharmacists, consumers, and policymakers.
  • Collaborates with other Nebraska healthcare provider groups on issues impacting healthcare and the challenges your patients face.
  • Proactively ensures recognition of the value of pharmacy professionals through collaboration with diverse national pharmacy organizations.
  • Discusses complex pharmacy work environment issues with Nebraska's Congressional Delegation, Nebraska State Senators, the Governor, and the Attorney General.

NPA Workgroups

Medical Cannabis
Led by NPA member, Jim Wilson, RP, this group meets to evaluate the provisions of the ballot initiative. 

Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)
Led by Compound Network Chair, Tim Redline, PharmD, this group meets to discuss PBM issues.

Provider Status
Led by NPA member, Katie Reisbig, PharmD, BCPS, this group meets to discuss the goal of attaining provider status for Nebraska pharmacists.

Transitions of Care
How can we improve transitions of care in Nebraska? Led by Mackenzie Farr, PharmD, this group meets to discuss possible solutions.
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