Specialty Practice Interest Networks (commonly referred to as Networks) are recognized only with the approval of the NPA Board of Directors and represent the following:
  • Specialty represents the special services provided by pharmacists.
  • Practice represents the site where pharmacists currently practice.
  • Interest represents the areas of practice that pharmacists are interested in (other than the areas in which they practice).
  • Networks represent the method of communication used with the NPA for the practice of pharmacy.

NPA Networks are free for members to join, and you can participate in as many networks as you'd like. Our Networks cover an array of pharmacy areas such as compounding, chains, and long-term care, among others. Joining a network will allow you to expand your professional network and stay up to date on the latest developments in that area.
Academia Network
The NPA Academia Network is specifically suited for pharmacists involved in educating the next generation of pharmacists. The network works to address the needs of the faculty of Nebraska’s two pharmacy schools. This may include addressing not only issues that affect faculty members but also those that affect our students and the future practice of pharmacy.
Network Chair, Shana Castillo, PharmD, MBA, RPh 

Ambulatory Care Network
Ambulatory care pharmacy practice is a rapidly expanding opportunity for pharmacists to ensure safe, effective, affordable medication therapies. Focused on patient-centered services, collaboration with healthcare teams, and the promotion of optimal medication management, this approach helps improve access to healthcare, enhance medication adherence, and support the management of chronic conditions in the community. The NPA Ambulatory Care Network is targeted to pharmacists providing pharmaceutical services in the clinic setting outside the hospital or community pharmacy. The Network helps ambulatory care pharmacists stay up to date with clinical practices through educational programming and connect with others to enhance pharmacy practice in the ambulatory care setting.
Network Chair, Allyson Helms, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, MS HSPA

Chain Network
Arguably, chain and retail pharmacists are often at the forefront of the community and healthcare needs. The practice of retail pharmacy has seen a tremendous shift in recent years due to the COVID pandemic, and it will continue to evolve as the profession gains more responsibility in the future. The NPA Chain Network aims to provide advocacy to improve working conditions, improve reimbursement, and, most importantly, allow your individual voice to be heard. This group is also a great opportunity to network with pharmacists and technicians in similar practice settings.
Network Chair, Nichole Boggs, PharmD, MBA

Compounding Network
Compounding is an important part of pharmacy practice, and our patients and healthcare providers rely on us as medication experts to put patient safety first. The practice of compounding has made great advances over the past few decades, but regulation and scrutiny from regulatory bodies and accreditation organizations have also increased. Best practices constantly evolve as new methods, products, and technology are developed, so staying on top of these changes is vitally important. The NPA Compounding Network aims to help inform and educate pharmacists and technicians on changing rules and regulations and share best compounding practices. This group will also allow you to network with other pharmacists and technicians involved in sterile and non-sterile compounding.
Network Chair, Tim Redline, PharmD, BOP, FDA, ACHC, JCAHO

Hospital/Health-System Network
The Hospital/Health-System Network supports a wide range of pharmacist, intern, and technician roles in acute care settings with a broad scope of services (inpatient and outpatient) across Nebraska. The network aims to educate and inform members; advocate for regulatory changes; build a platform for best practices; and provide a place to network and collaborate. The Hospital/Health-System Network is also the Nebraska affiliate of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). This mutually supportive relationship provides a wealth of resources and connections that are used to support our network as well as our individual members.
Network Chair,  Matt Guzallis, PharmD, BCPS  

Independent Network
Independent community pharmacy is a vital component of pharmacy practice. Independents provide healthcare in underserved areas and constantly provide innovative services that allow pharmacists to practice at the top of their license. In the last several years, independent pharmacy has been under attack from several angles, and new opportunities have arisen. It is very important that independents continue to evolve and defend our vital space in the healthcare arena. Being a member of the Independent Pharmacy Network allows us to band together to improve patient care, fight for adequate reimbursement, and defend against harmful legislation. The network provides a method to connect to discuss best practices, get practice updates, and discuss with other practitioners fighting the same battles.
Network Chair, Trevor Bertsch, PharmD, MBA

Industry Network
The Industry section of NPA looks to collaborate and partner with Nebraska pharmacists in various ways. From educational partnerships in medical information, screening programs, or DEI initiatives, there are many resources that Industry can utilize to work with pharmacists and pharmacies across the state effectively. We are looking for members that want to identify, create, and execute strategies to heighten engagement in the Industry section with the rest of the NPA membership.
Network Chair, Greg Schardt, PharmD, MBA, BCPS

Long-Term Care Network
The rules and regulations of long-term care present their own unique set of challenges for this field of pharmacy practice. The NPA Long-Term Care Network aims to connect pharmacists and technicians from across the state to provide education, network with peers, and advocate for new and improved legislation. Our facility partners depend on us to serve as the medication expert of the interdisciplinary care team. The network's educational programs and other resources will give you the tools you need to succeed.
Network Chair, Caitlynn McManaman, PharmD

New Practitioner Network
One of the most difficult and exciting times in our careers is transitioning from student to practitioner. This network is for anyone that has graduated in the past ten years and would like to connect with fellow pharmacists. We are here for you to ask any questions that may come up or to help you in any way as you establish yourself in the profession. Our events bring mature and new practitioners together and involve finances.
Network Chair, Jessica Cumber, PharmD
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