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I joined the NPA the year I graduated from pharmacy school and have been a member ever since.  I have seen a lot of changes in the practice of pharmacy the last 30 years, and the NPA staff has evolved with our profession year after year keeping up with the multitude of changes. Their leadership and involvement has ranged from hosting the annual convention to politicking with legislators.  If I had to belong to just one pharmacy organization, it would be the NPA because I feel it best represents the majority of practicing pharmacists in our state.  It gives me a great sense of comfort to know that the NPA staff is working every day to protect our profession so that we may in turn deliver quality, affordable health care to the patients we care for.  The NPA membership dues are a great value and an investment in both the present and future of pharmacy in the state of Nebraska. We all need to be involved in our state pharmacy association, so that we can ensure the shaping of pharmacy in a way that fulfills today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. Louis, Pharmacy Owner

I joined the NPA during pharmacy school.  I was fortunate to do a rotation there and learned the importance of being involved with the processes that determine how we practice our profession.  If there is a question about pharmacy regulations, new legislation or even rumors of about what the CDC or CMS is discussing or doing, the NPA is the go-to place for answers.  They stay on top of what bills the legislature has and the NPA does a great job of lobbying for us.  A big draw for me as a member is the NPA’s  journal, the Nebraska Mortar & Pestle.  It not only helps me stay on top of what our profession is facing both locally and nationally, it also provides continuing pharmacy education. I have always utilized the CPE articles and find them to be very practical on what we are seeing or what we will be seeing in pharmacy.  By completing the CPE in these journals alone, you will be covered for license renewal so it is very easy to stay current and not have to scramble to find CPE on the internet at the last minute or have to pay extra for it.  I also get my CPE from the annual convention.  This is a great way to get further my education, but also to mingle with peers and share ideas and discuss topics that we are dealing with in our practices. Through membership in the NPA, not only can you stay on top of what our profession can bring to the healthcare of the patients we serve, but you can also stay abreast of new legislation that determines how we are able to practice in general. Stephanie, Long-Term Care Consultant Pharmacist

As a student, the NPA is a cheap way to keep up with pertinent pharmacy information and news since the Daily News Dose is emailed out to each member daily.  The NPA also allows for easy access to websites and information regarding licensure, federal and state laws and regulations, and the boards that govern our practice.  The NPA website also contains a variety of frequently asked questions of the practice of pharmacy in general, as well as helpful contact information when a quick answer is be needed.  As a member, we also have access to the journal, the Nebraska Mortar & Pestle, which contains information about happenings in our pharmacy schools as well as easily obtained CPE credits.  The NPA also does a great job of updating their website with the most recent job openings.  You can run a search for jobs in a particular area or post your resume so that employers can find you.  The NPA has a lot to offer both students and pharmacists.  Becoming a member has been very beneficial to me over my years as a student pharmacist. Jeremiah, PharmD

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