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Why I Like the NPA

“Nebraska Pharmacists Association membership helps me keep in touch with all my colleagues across our great state. I look forward to receiving the daily email from NPA that always delivers timely topics on national and local pharmacy news. The NPA website is also a great resource if I need a link online to help answer patient or prescriber questions.” Angie Svoboda, RP, Good Life Pharmacy, Ord

“The NPA is really involved in influencing legislation. They make pharmacists aware by providing a breakdown in our own language about what is happening and the impact.” Julie Ducker, RP, Live Simply Abundant, Lincoln

"The NPA helps keep me connected." Sarah Stage, PharmD Candidate, University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Pharmacy, Omaha

"It keeps me connected with pharmacists across the state and it calls us all to action." Lori Murante, RP, Nebraska Medical Center Clinic Pharmacy, Omaha

"I enjoy being a member because of all the information we get sent daily. It really keeps me update on what’s going on in the pharmacy world." Skyler Starkel, PharmD Candidate, Creighton University School of Pharmacy & Health Professions, Omaha

"The NPA provides a great opportunity to be an advocate for change within the profession." Mackenzie Farr, RP, Community Pharmacy Services, Gretna

"Being a member allows me to help other technicians advance in their field and allows me to really take control of my own career." Ty Garrelts, CPhT, Byran Health, Lincoln

"Being a part of the NPA let's me help our profession of pharmacy move forward." Evan Robinson, RPh, Creighton University School of Pharmacy & Health Professions, Omaha

"I’m a member of the NPA for the networking opportunities with all the amazing pharmacists across Nebraska." Kendra Kapels, RP, Genoa Healthcare, Columbus

"As a member, you won’t miss the NPA Daily News Dose email which is fantastic." Tim Redline, RP, Redline Pharmacy Solutions, Hastings

"They answer a lot of random questions and know who to get you in contact with if they don’t have all the answers." Jeanie Shipman, RP, Walgreens, Bellevue

"I’m a member because I get to help shape the future of my profession." Caitlynn Lassek, RP, Community Pharmacy Services, Gretna

"You always hear the cliché that time flies when you're having fun”, and that couldn’t be more true for my time spent at the NPA. Although it passed too quick, the experiences I had were unremarkable and truly rewarding to my education and growth as a future pharmacist. I had the opportunity to participate in numerous legislative meetings, including bill introductions and a bill hearing. I watched first-hand as pharmacists advocated for their profession in front of state senators for PBMs to be regulated by encouraging the passing of bill LB375; this experience was unmatched. Aside from attending these meetings, my knowledge about the legislative and governmental processes has only grown. Additionally, I participated in statewide COVID briefing meetings, regular staff meetings, NPA’s board meeting, a Board of Pharmacy meeting, and numerous sponsorship meetings, all of which were incredibly valuable. I was educated on the MEDs Coalition, which lets members of the community dispose of their unused/unwanted medications in participating pharmacies around the state, the narcan program, which supplies registered pharmacies with narcan that they can dispense (without a prescription and free of charge) to anyone who wants it, as well as 340B programs and the benefits they provide. Finally, I got to write a continuing education article regarding insulin pump technologies and their advances to educate pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Marcia, Jenny, Diane, and Amy, thank you for being amazing to work with, being a voice for Nebraska pharmacists, and providing me with tools to have a successful career. You ladies are incredible and it was a pleasure to represent the NPA for my January rotation." Casey Schendt, UNMC PharmD Candidate, NPA Rotation Student
“In a time where pharmacy is seeing huge changes in the ways in which we practice and the legalities that come with it, the NPA has been very helpful to me. The Daily Dose News is full of useful tidbits that are quick to read but informative for a busy schedule. The NPA also gives pharmacy in the state a collective "voice" in the government that we as individuals may not have the time or connections to take advantage of.”
David Randolph, RP, 
Dave’s Pharmacy, Alliance and Hemingford