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    World Pharmacists Day

    Pharmacy has built up a big reserve of trust over many years of caring and excellent practice. Let's make this know on September 25! #WPD2021

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    NPA Fall Forum

    October 22-23 Registration opens soon!

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    Drug Disposal

    Gather up leftover medications and dispose of with care. Find a participating pharmacy near you.

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    Pharmacy Heroes

    The NPA Board of Directors and staff want to express our gratitude for your hard work and dedication during these uncertain times. We recognize the sacrifices that you are making for your family, patients, and community, and we cannot thank you enough.

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    Thriving in the ever-changing field of pharmacy can take your full focus. Pharmacists do not have to operate in a vacuum. The staff at the NPA puts reliable information resources right at your fingertips every day so you can dial down the pressure and be confident that you are keeping up on the latest.

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    Member ideas and discussions are helpful in tackling legislative issues and pharmacy concerns.  Have an impact by joining one of the current workgroups. Send us an email and let us know which (or all) workgroup interests you. - Medical Cannabis, PBMs, Provider Status, and Transitions of Care.

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    Supreme Court Upholds Law Regulating PBMs

    The NPA and other pharmacy associations contributed to the legal costs for the appeal winning with an 8 to 0 decision in favor of pharmacies and patients.

    Rutledge vs PCMA
Legislative Day at the State Capitol


You have a voice and can be heard in many different ways at the state and federal level. With your involvement, we will remain a viable resource to support our members far into the future.



We offer continuing pharmacy education opportunities across many practice areas. Members receive unlimited access to members-only resources.


We connect members to one another and to resources like our career center, links to partner
sites, the Nebraska Drug Utilization Review (DUR) and Nebraska MEDS programs.

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Our Value

We serve as a primary source to educate our members, advocate on their behalf, and connect them to resources and one another.

You Matter

We respond to our members directly, answering calls right away. We believe in our mission which is all about helping and supporting you and the pharmacy profession.

Nebraska Impact

We encourage your participation to help strengthen networking and mentoring to ensure that we meet the needs for all of our diverse members.

Building Community

We have a greater collective impact when we gather candid feedback from our members, former members, and professionals who have not yet joined our association.

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Education, Meetings, and Events Calendar

Optimizing Rybelsus Discussions:  The Role of the Pharmacist in T2D Treatment
October 5, 2021, 6:30 pm - 7:30 PM (CT)
Free virtual event provided by Novo Nordisk. Space is limited. Please RSVP at least 3 days prior to the event to confirm your reservation.
Curtis Triplitt, PharmD, from the Texas Diabetes Institute will discuss the challenges faced in managing the growing population of patients with T2D and the critical role of the pharmacist in the management of T2D. He will evaluate head-to-head data for Rybelsus (semaglutide) tablets 7 mg or 14 mg from pivotal glycemic control PIONEER trials (including vs Januvia and vs Jardiance) and safety data from the Rybelsus cardiovascular outcomes trial, PIONEER 6. Dr. Triplitt will also examine results from pharmacokinetics and drug interaction studies that support details of dosing and administration of once-daily Rybelsus for the treatment of adults with T2D to improve glycemic control.

OSHA Live Training Webinar
If you are a pharmacist providing immunizations or CLIA-waived testing services, or a pharmacy technician or other health care professional assisting with these services, you must have live OSHA training on bloodborne pathogens every year or could face fines of up to $90,000. The Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation is offering a webinar that meets all of OSHA’s training requirements, including the live component. To receive the $40 NPA Member rate, register as a Non-member and enter the promo code ‘OSHA21’ at checkout. Visit the Tenessee Pharmacists Association for registration information.

  • September 28 - Noon & 6:00 PM (CT)
  • October 13 - Noon & 6:00 PM (CT)
  • October 19 - Noon & 6:00 PM (CT)
  • October 27 - Noon & 6:00 PM (CT)
  Do you have issues about your pharmacy workplace, but you don’t feel like you can voice your concerns? The APhA and  NASPA have developed a landmark national state-based pharmacy workplace survey. Your responses will provide aggregated data needed to learn how state laws and regulations, along with pharmacy policies and procedures, may be adding stressors to the work life of pharmacy personnel that may lead to patient safety issues. We’ve heard that pharmacists are reluctant to discuss workplace issues for fear of retaliation from their employers. This survey is 100% anonymous.  Your individual survey response will be included in a nationwide database that will be held centrally and confidentially. Just 10 minutes is all it takes to complete the Pharmacy Workplace Survey. Don’t just wish you were heard - actually be heard!

American Pharmacists Month
October is Pharmacists Month
How do you plan to celebrate in your pharmacy, with your pharmacy staff, and your patients? Start planning your celebrations now. Take pride in being a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or pharmacist intern. Not just in October, but every day.  We are proud of you and all that you do! Social Media Campaign Hashtags: #PharmacistsMonth, #APhM2021, #PharmacistsCare

Statewide Naloxone Program
The NPA's partnership with Nebraska pharmacies, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Division of Behavioral Health, and Local Behavioral Health Region Systems allows family members, friends of a person at risk of opioid overdose, or the person at risk of opioid overdose themselves to access naloxone nasal spray at no cost. This program has the potential to save lives in Nebraska. Pharmacies participating in the program include:

  • Alliance Community Pharmacy, 315 Box Butte Ave, Alliance
  • Dave's Pharmacy, 223 Box Butte Ave, Alliance
  • Clabaugh Pharmacy, 5001 Court St, Beatrice
  • Deines Pharmacy, 910 E Court St, Beatrice
  • Mark's U-Save Pharmacy, 624 Patterson, Cambridge
  • Safeway Pharmacy, 230 Morehead St, Chadron
  • Columbus Communtiy Hospital, 4600 38th St, Columbus
  • Kubat Pharmacy, 350 W 23rd St, Fremont
  • Dave's Pharmacy, 508 Niobrara Ave, Hemingford
  • Adams Drug, 513 Broadway, Imperial
  • U-Save Pharmacy, 3611 2nd Ave, Kearney
  • Valley Pharmacy, 211 W 33rd St, Kearney
  • Hy-Vee Pharmacy, 5010 O St, Lincoln
  • Kohll's Rx, 808 N 27th St, Lincoln
  • Kohll's Rx, 12741 Q St, Omaha
  • Kohll's Rx, 5002 Dodge St, Omaha
  • Kubat Pharmacy, 4924 Center St, Omaha
  • Nebraska Medicine Outpatient Pharmacy, 4014 Leavenworth St, Omaha
  • Regional West Health Services Outpatient Pharmacy, 3911 Avenue B Ste M200, Scottsbluff
  • Seward Family Pharmacy, 250 N Columbia Ave, Seward 
  • U-Save Pharmacy, 3851 Guildford St Ste D, Waverly
  • Providence Community Pharmacy, 803 Providence Rd Ste 101, Wayne
  • Charlie's U-Save Pharmacy, 2029 Lincoln Avenue, York

The Novo NordiskNPA would like to thank Novo Nordisk for its support and its Rethink Obesity work.  Rethink Obesity is a comprehensive collection of patient materials, tools, and tips to help health care professionals develop and support patients' weight-loss and management goals.

Nebraska Enhanced Services PharmaciesThe NPA supports NESP (Nebraska Enhanced Services Pharmacies), an affiliate of CPESN, that enables the provision of patient-centered enhanced services by the local community pharmacies through a participation network that share sustainable practice approaches and advocates for business strategies consistent with supporting these services.

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