Nebraska MEDS Drug Disposal

In response to recent concerns about traces of pharmaceutical and personal care products found in drinking water across the United States, the Nebraska Pharmacists Association (NPA) has partnered with the Groundwater Foundation, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, the Nebraska Board of Pharmacy, and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department to create the Nebraska MEDS (Medication Education on Disposal Strategies) program.

The focus of Nebraska MEDS program is to educate patients about the disposal
 of prescription and over-the-counter medications. If flushed down the drain, unneeded or expired medications can contaminate our water. Over 300 pharmacies across Nebraska participating in the Nebraska MEDS Initiative will take back medications free of charge and no questions asked. These pharmacies accept medications for safe and legal disposal, giving consumers an easy and safe method of keeping medications out of the environment and from falling into the wrong hands. Find a participating pharmacy at