Board of Directors

Mackenzie Farr, RP, Immediate Past President
Ryan Flugge, RP, President
Cory Durbin, RP, President-Elect
Jeffrey Steffensmeier, RP, Treasurer
Marcia Mueting, RP, Chief Executive Officer

Jeanie Shipman, RP, District #2

Tyler Garrelts, CPhT, Pharmacy Technician

Trevor Carbonel, PharmD Candidate, Creighton University School of Pharmacy & Health Professions
Sam Schendt, PharmD Candidate, University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy

Shana Castillo, RP, Academia/Specialty Practice Network Chair
Nichole Boggs, RP, Chain Network Chair
Tim Redline, RP, Compounding Network Chair
Jerome Wohleb, RP, Hospital/Health-System Network Chair
Trevor Bertsch, RP, Independent Network Chair
Greg Schardt, RP, Industry Network Chair
Caitlynn McManaman, RP, Long-Term Care Network Chair
Andrew Stoecklein, RP, New Practitioner Network Chair

CU Dean Amy Wilson, Ex-Officio Member
UNMC Dean Keith Olsen, Ex-Officio Member
Kenneth Kester, Ex-Officio Member